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Preservation of your own semen - auto-cryopreservation

The possibility of preservation of the client´s own semen using a cryopreservation is particularly suitable for men with a dangerous profession or those facing some health problems. At the same time, it can serve as a method of preserving sperms for conceiving own child in the future, despite the decreasing fertility that occurs with an increasing age.

The sperm samples are stored in liquid nitrogen in so-called Dewar containers and they are continuously monitored. Those frozen sperm samples can be then used for fertilisation up to 20 years.

You can keep your sperm anonymously and completely in discreet for any length of time in our spermbank. We are the contractual partner with majority of IVF centers in the Czech republic, and thus we are able to transport the samples stored on a particular place in accordance with your request and need.

Process of preservation

The collection of samples for freezing takes place in a seperate collection room in our premises by masturbation, or at your home - upon prior arrangement. It is necessary to bring the sample collected at your home within 30 minutes to the premises of SBI. According to the results of spermiogram, it is suitable to repeat the collection of samples and with the help of sample preservation, keep more sperm samples - until you obtain sufficient sperm amount to ensure the biggest probability of conceiving the child.

Preservation price

You can find further information about prices in the auto-cryopreservation pricelist.


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