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For IVF centers

We are a spermbank with an active stock of over 50 donors. We offer to IVF centers and their clients a possibility of choice of an anonymous donor according to the wide range of phenotypes described in the Donors catalogue. Contrary to the registered users, IVF centers have on their user account a possibility of access to other donors´ data, e.g. genetic screening, well-arranged information about amount, accessibility and prices of doses for each particular donor. You can place an order directly from this account. In addition, you can monitor on the account your history of orders.

We offer high-quality samples of donor sperms for fertilisation by methods ICSI, IVF and IUI at variable volume - 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1.8 ml. The quality of doses from individual withdrawals is determined on the basis of reference sample.

Method Quality* Volume
ICSI to 0,5 mil 0,1 ml
ICSI 0,5 - 1 mil 0,2 ml
ICSI 1 - 2 mil 0,5 ml
IVF 2 - 10 mil 0,5 ml
IUI 2 to 15 mil 1,8 ml
IUI 1 over 15 mil 1,8 ml

* The quality of the dose is expressed by the number of progressively moving sperms(a+b).

All of our donors are men with at least secondary education, in the age between 18 and 35 years, who successfully go through all the screenings in accordance with the Act 296/2008 on human tissue and cells and on amendment to some related acts and the Edict 422/2008 Sb. and their results are negative.

To ensure a high health standards, we also perform above standard screenings for our donors. An accurate overview of all screenings which are carried out is listed in below mentioned documents.

The selected samples are delivered within 7 days from the ordering. The samples are transported in the Dewar containers in vapor of liquid nitrogen. We use a temperature data logger to control the temperature in the Dewar containers during the transport.

Data and graph from the transport are available and can be send on your e-mail at your request within 2 days from the transport day.

The concession holders can collect the samples on the premises of SBI.

You will be advised about detailed information of transport price after registering a new center.

Enter the Donors catalogue for a basic registration, click on the button „Sign in/ Register“ in the upper right corner and follow the instructions.

To register IVF center, it is necessary to send a request for an access to a center account. The request has to be sent by e-mail which contains the official domain of the medical establishment (e.g. fertimed.cz) on the following e-mail address: jana.brezinova@myspermbank.cz, or by post service on the address of headquarters, see Contact us.

Do you want to us to help you with your registration? Simply fill in the contact form below and leave us with the contact information so we can reach you.

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