tř. Kosmonautů 1288, Olomouc

Sperm Bank

The biggest database of sperm donors in the Czech Republic.

For IVF Centers

Database of donors for immediate order.

We are a specialised spermbank with the largest scale of high-quality donors in the Czech republic.

The majority of IVF centers in the Czech Republic buy sperm samples for their clients from our unique Donors database.

  • We offer a program of assisted reproduction for single women without partner. Women can simply choose a donor within the frame of our unique programme in the co-operation with the foreign clinics of assisted reproduction.

  • For men, we offer health screening and storage of their own sperms.

  • We hold all the necessary permissions for operating a tissue establishment in compliance with European Tissue Directive.

  • A high standard of services is provided by team of professionals with years of experience in human infertility and assisted reproduction.

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