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Donor Sperm on Offer

The assisted reproduction is destined for the infertile couples and single women. SpermBank International provides its applicants a possibility to choose from the widest range of donors in the Czech republic.

The infertile couples can choose from a wide range of phenotypes and other search criteria in our on-line Donor Catalogue. The sperm samples of a selected donor are usually consequently delivered to a particular IVF center, where the infertility treatment takes place. We are the contractual partners for a majority of the IVF centers in the Czech republic, therefore do not hesitate to contact us.

The single women can use an assisted reproduction without partner´s participation (a "legal" father) abroad within the scope of our unique programme for single women.

Assisted Reproduction

We are the only medical establishment, which offers a service of this kind

  • You have a unique opportunity to select a sperm donor on the basis of your search criteria for his physiological attributes and psychological characteristics
  • You can control all the important criteria, while selecting appropriate sperm donor, particularly education level, physical appearance, religion, ethnic origin, skin colour, areas of interest (sports/arts), psychological profile, ancestry, hobbies, future plans, etc.
  • You will select the appropriate sperm donor on-line in our Donor Catalogue from the comfort and privacy of your home.

High quality of sperm samples

  • The methods used for donating sperms and processing the sperm samples respect the most modern standards
  • The donors are carefully selected according to the results of their screenings, evaluation of their psychosocial profile and personal interviews with our doctors
  • The donors blood and urine is repeatedly collected in order to complete all the obligatory screenings (for sexually transmitted diseases, et al.)
  • The samples of donors sperms are kept in so called Dewar containers under conditions, which are monitored and evaluated
  • The laboratory equipment, the methods of manipulation and storage comply with requirements of both EU and the Czech republic and they were approved by the State Institute for Drug Control

How to choose a type of a sample?

We offer samples of donor sperms for an assisted reproduction by these methods IUI (=insemination), IVF and ICSI, which differ in the method of the sample final usage during the conception phase. You can find the particular samples of every donor in our Donor Catallogue after registering. Please, firstly consult with your gynecologist suitable method and final selection of samples.


The price for one sperm sample varies from 1.900 CZK to 4.590 CZK in relation to selected technique of assisted reproduction.


  1. Choose a suitable donor from our Donor Catalogue
  2. Contact a doctor in your IVF center
  3. Your doctor will send you a mandatory order
  4. We will make a contract with your doctor for the transport and payment conditions


For further information or a tentative consultation, please make an appointment via below listed contact form, by e-mail coordinator@fertimed.cz, or on the phone 00420 602 178 688.

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