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Assisted reproduction for single women

The legislation of the Czech republic does not allow single women to undergo an assisted reproduction.

SpermBank International has prepared a unique programme, which enables an assisted reproduction by a donor sperm without a participation of a partner (a „legal“ father) within the scope of co-operation with foreign centers of assisted reproduction in the countries which enable this possibility.

How does the programme work?

The applicants for this programme make an appointment for an entry interview, during which the doctor introduces some possibilities and a procedure of the programme. If you are a woman, who meets all the necessary requirements and who decides to undergo this process, then the preparation of individual medical plan starts. It is determined by a selected method of assisted reproduction and a destination of partner state, where a final phase of treatment takes place.

If the woman chooses a treatment method using insemination, she goes through a preparation part in the Czech republic and then she travels abroad in order to effect insemination. The time spent abroad is usually from 1 - 3 days.

The applicant undergoes a method IVF with her own egg cells - after finishing the preparation for a final treatment phase abroad. It usually includes an induction of ovulation, a withdrawal of egg cells and their insemination by donor sperms. This is followed by a cultivation in vitro and embryotransfer. The time spent abroad is usually from 7 – 10 days.

Furthermore, if the donor eggs are needed, after finishing the preparation for a final treatment phase, there take place solely embryotransfer abroad. The time spent there is usually from 2 - 3 days.

Treatment costs

The programme of the assisted reproduction for single women without partner is not covered by your health insurance and the applicant has to pay all the costs herself. You may find the preparation costs for IVF or insemination in the pricelist HERE.

The costs in the preparation phase are derived from the type of treatment and selected medications. The applicant has to pay also a partial deposit for the final tratment in the foreign partner center. The rest of costs for the final part of your treatment is reimbursed directly in the partner center.

An estimate of costs for your treatment is possible to determine after the results of screenings and a selected treatment method.


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